Go Grey in May for Brain Tumor Awareness

May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month which encompasses all CNS (central nervous system) tumors, including the one Izzy, who is our inspiration, has wrapped around her spinal cord.

Izzy's tumor is quite large as it spans her spinal canal (reference spine image) from the first cervical vertebra (C1) to the sixth thoracic vertebra (T6). She also has titanium plates and rods to help stabilize her spine at T4 since the neurosurgeon had to remove the back part of of her vertebra to relieve some of the pressure the tumor was putting on her spinal cord in a procedure called a laminectomy.

Her tumor will always be there - dead or alive. The immune system is what cleans away dead cells for us to excrete them. However, the immune system doesn't typically clean up cells from the CNS, which means Izzy will live with that tumor as is for the rest of her life (unless some technology comes along in her lifetime that can help her without too much risk).

This is what Izzy has been battling since she was 12 months old - and probably even before that, we just didn't know it. This and the side effects from chemo is what she's had to overcome to get to where she is.

We ask that you Go Grey in May and everyday. Go Gold everyday. Izzy shouldn't have to endure this. No child should.

Sonia Rita